Automated Polishing for the European Tooling Industry
The poliMATIC research project has received funding from the European Community´s 7th Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) in the call
Laser Polishing In the first half of the project term the machine technology, the CAM-NC data chain and the laser polishing process itself have been developed in order to achieve an automated, industrial suited polishing process.

Recently a continuous CAM-NC data chain for laser polishing of freeform surfaces is available. Large sections of the CAM-NC data chain have been developed within the framework of the poliMATIC project.

For example a stamping tool for claw poles was laser polished using the continuous CAM-NC data chain. The manual polishing time for one stamping tool of about one hour is reduced to 14 minutes by laser polishing.

First laser polished tools have been tested in the real production. Thereby no negative effects of the laser polished tools in comparison to the manual polished tools were recognized.

In November 2011 the first laser polishing machine for the industrial use was completed. This machine was exhibited at the Euromold fair in December 2011.

At this trade fair, laser polishing of 3D freeform surfaces was demonstrated live.

Extrusion die provided by the company Compes S.p.A.
In the second half of the project term 3D work pieces are provided by the project partners from Compes and from Star Plus.
These 3D parts were polished by the laser in order to test the developed machine technology and the CAM-NC data chain. So the capability of the laser polishing process as an automated polishing approach, suitable for complex 3D parts, is shown.
Next steps will be the testing of the laser polished tools under service conditions. The focus will be on the abrasion and the life time.

Furthermore two in-machining control systems from the project partners from University of Halmstad and the company Altimet were tested. The metrology framework is based on a non-contact metrology. With this in-machining control system polishing of series is possible. If something in the process will chance, e.g. the inert gas or the focal position of the laser, the in-machining control system will recognize a difference in the surface quality and the polishing process will be stopped. This guaranteed a constant quality of the polished parts.
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