Automated Polishing for the European Tooling Industry
The poliMATIC research project has received funding from the European Community´s 7th Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) in the call
Metrology PoliMATIC will develop and evaluate the use of metrology as an enabler to support the automation of the polishing process by introducing a knowledge- and hardware-based metrology system. The metrology activities will be directed in three main cooperating directions:
Establishing a metrology frame-work based on non-contact metrology for in-machine control of Laser- and robot polishing.
Develop a novel characterisation system for polished surface structures based on the recently introduced 3D surface structure parameter standards (ISO 25178 series from 2008) in combination with image analysis techniques.
Developing a metrology frame-work for manual polishing with quantitative characterisation (Metrology Assisted Manual Polishing - MAMP)

  • The Consortia of WP 6 partners consist of Halmstad University, Toponova, Altimet & Svensk Industrigravyr.

  • The Task to Establish aims at getting as close as possible to the process for fast process feedback. Current state-of-the art equipment is evaluated and new on-line techniques will be developed.

  • Novel parametric descriptions of the features in the polished surface is required to enable process control and communication between designers and production engineers - the polishers.

  • Quantitative tools for the manual polisher would replace much of the current qualitative surface grading with quantitative measures to decrease the uncertainty of the topography of the polished surface and optimize the polishing time (and cost).

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